A homage to our land

We honor our land’s richness throughout the world.

Our products bring the essence of Mexico: flavor and tradition guaranteed!


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Discover Mexico’s most exquisite produce.

In Tributo Mexicano, we offer authentic and exceptionally high-quality foods. We bring the taste, tradition, and culture of Mexico to the entire world. We are committed to carefully select our products, ensuring their origin to provide a unique and memorable culinary experience. Our goal is to honor the richness of our roots whether from land or sea to the consumer's table.

In Tributo Mexicano

We honor the legacy of our land and its traditions by selecting the finest fruits, whether form land or sea, to take it to every corner of the world.

Products with identity

100% made in Mexico, following high production standards to guarantee their quality.

Secure packaging

Strict packaging protocols for export that ensure the product arrives fresh and in perfect conditions.

Logistics strategy

We have a wide range of logistical solutions that ensure timely delivery.

International delivery

The whole world deserves to taste our products, so we have the capability for worldwide delivery.

From Mexico to the world

Bringing the magic of our products to every corner.

Fresh products

Fresh food is a symphony of flavors and textures that awakens the palate with every bite. Its natural aroma transports us to the fields where they were carefully grown, while its vibrant colors invite us to appreciate the beauty of nature in its purest state.

Processed Productos

A variety of avocado processed foods, sauces, and freeze-dried fruits. An excellent accompaniment to your food.

Our Certifications

Our certifications are seals of quality that provide confidence to consumers, ensuring that the foods have been grown and harvested following safe, sustainable, and environmentally responsible practices.

They establish standards by which agricultural products are certified worldwide. The growing concern for food safety and environmental protection makes ensuring compliance with good practices in this sector essential.

They represent two fundamental pillars for consumers looking for organic, safe, and high-quality products. The USDA guarantees that a product is certified organic. The FDA ensures that the product meets safety and quality standards.

They represent an audit that helps understand the standards of work, health and safety, environmental performance, and ethics. They are designed to protect workers from unsafe conditions, overwork, discrimination, low wages, and forced labor.

They protect national agriculture by applying health, safety, and agri-food quality measures, to contribute to food security, the well-being of producers and consumers, as well as the development of production chains.

They establish a series of requirements through all the stages of production in a way that encompasses operational needs to produce safe foods and ensure reliable consumption. Voluntary requirements for certification are established.


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